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B2B marine has a wide range of services. We speak the shipbuilding language and solve multi-disciplinary shipbuilding and engineering challenges.

Ship Design & Engineering

We provide high quality and cost effective engineering solutions for your projects!

B2B Marine, as the project management office, takes the responsibility of the project / scope and mitigate the project risks and deliver high quality engineering work on time and on budget.

Our designers and partners have a very long and profound experience in both domestic and foreign projects, using the latest design tools and computer programs. Experts in hydrodynamics, ship propulsion and ship theory, structural strength including finite elements techniques, hydraulics etc. are available.

The scope of design & engineering services for new vessels is divided into the following stages: concept design, tender/contract design, basic design, and coordination/integration of detailed design. Each of the subsequent design stages involves a greater level of detail while taking into consideration the requirements of the client and regulatory bodies.

Additionally, prior to the signing of a vessel construction or refit contract, we offer independent advice covering contract negotiations, review of design specifications, planning and cost evaluation.

B2B Marine involves in every stage of the refit process, conversion projects including vessel life extensions, lengthening and heightening, capacity changes, space repurposing, regulatory changes, accommodation refurbishment and energy saving projects. Our involvement typically starts at the conceptual phase with feasibility studies and carries right through the design & engineering phase as well as production support and onsite supervision. Whether pertaining to a new vessel design, refit or conversion project, B2B Marine offers a fully tailored and comprehensive solution to your engineering needs by providing the following key services:

• Naval Architecture
• Mechanical & Marine Engineering (Detail and Basic)
• Design Check
• All kind of Engineering calculations (FEM, CFD, Stability etc)
• 2D & 3D Visualization
• Energy Optimization
• Marine Transportation
• Engineering Simulation & Analysis
• Electrical Engineering, single lines
• Hydraulic engineering, arrangements
• Interior Design
• Project Management.
• Pipe spool Design, Engineering and Production
• On site inspection

We also deliver high accuracy Detail Engineering and Work preparation

Available engineering capacity through B2B Marine on hourly basis or fixed price per job
(NC) production information for any type of cutting/bending machine
Turnkey delivery with fitting guarantee


• 3D Section modeling according to our clients' standards
• Workshop drawings for sections and outfitting items (railing, hatches, manholes, fenders etc)
• Cutting information (NC Files)
• Production sketches (Bending templets, Profile sketches etc)
• Production lists (Part list, MT, profile list)
• Weight lists

Piping and Mechanical:

• 3D Equipment Modelling
• 3D arrangements
• Pipe Modelling (>=DN50/<=DN50)
• Weight and Center of Gravity Calculations/Controls for Piping System
• Pipe Support Modelling
• Pipe Arrangement Drawings
• Axonometric Drawings
• Isometrics/Spools
• Pipe and Fittings Material List
• Penetration List
• Cable Ladder Arrangement Drawings
• Ventilation System Arrangement Drawings

Shipbuilding Consultancy

B2B Marine provides reliable construction solutions for owners, yards and contractors, for new build, repair and conversion projects. Our broad understanding of the requirements of Western ship owners, operators and offshore contractors creates a solid base from which to assist and support our customers when they seek and explore cost-efficient vessel construction in Turkey.

The key to successful project delivery is careful project planning and risk management. The best way to create trust and confidence is to prepare a realistic project execution and risk assessment plan. We set up the complete newbuilding, repair and conversion project organization and support our client from the very beginning to ensure a reliable and successful project delivery.

Marine Equipment & Systems

Three major companies (Cita Marine, Unoks and Oceanist) in Turkish maritime market as marine equipment suppliers, marine furniture and galley manufacturers; decided to come together to offer an innovative approach in Marine Accommodation Outfitting Solutions on New buildings.

The idea was born in 2015 and now has a name as ACCOMAR®.

ACCOMAR® is stronger with more than 20 years of experience of our Consortium Partners, in Turkish Newbuilding sector.

ACCOMAR is capable to provide the complete process; from your request for quotation, through the installation of the products onboard. Our products originate from multiple manufacturers scattered throughout the global market, each producing a specific line of products.

Cita Marine (also part of Accomar consortium) is leading Marine Interior desinger and supplier in Turkey.

Cita Marine has a wide range of services such as: Concept Interior Design, Interior Visual Design and Presentation, Preparing Interior Workshop Drawings, Interior Procurement, Serial Interior Production Line ,Marine type Furniture and Finishing.

YMV with its experience of more than 55 years in the Marine industry; manufactures marine cranes, marine winches, life saving equipment: Freefall lifeboat davits, rescue boat davits, propulsion system solutions; bow thrusters, fixed pitch propellers, controllable pitch propellers to its customers in local and international markets.

YMV design team find out the needings of Client; provides the optimum solutions according to intended purpose and area of utilization in the New Shipbuilding projects. YMV produces equipment suitable for harsh marine conditions. YMV provides trainings, technical services, spare parts and after sales continuous Support.

YMV products are tested, approved and certificated by IACS Class Authorities according to customer request. YMV gives after-sales service in order to fullfil the quality level that fits the requirements and expectations of her customers. In Maritime sector, YMV has the target is to always improve quality and investigate on technology and increase the satisfaction level of employees and customers.

UNOKS (also part of Accomar consortium) is leading Industrial kitchen equipments, galley equipments, stainless steel medical equipments manufacturer.

UNOKS provides; Stainless Steel Industrial Kitchen Products, Stainless Steel Galley Products for Marine Use, Stainless Steel Medical Products, and Tailor Made Production

CITA Desing AS Ship Interior Concept design, 3D Modelling and Artist Impressions

LAURUS Ship Watertight and Weathertight doors and hatches