Lightweight Accommodation Systems (Honeycomb)

March 18, 2021
B2B Marine and Bluephin cooperation
January 28, 2021

We proudly announce that, together with our exclusive partner Accomar, we introduce lightweight accommodation solutions.



Recently, we have been listening our valuable clients. After reviewing some requests with our experience in marine accommodation products, we manage to provide lightweight accommodation systems such as doors, furniture.

We use certified marine type honeycomb for the production. Our partner for the honeycomb panels is Abet Laminati (Italy). We design and produce our accommodation products in house at our factory located in Yalova/Turkey.

Honeycomb panels provide;
- Lightweight and low density
- High strenght and good rigidity
- Good impact resistance and vibration damping.

Less Weight, More Speed

With our carefully designed lightweight honeycomb doors and furniture, depends on the type and density, you can save up to %40-50 of the weight. We are happy to be able to meet the requests of our clients who have projects where the weight is crucial.